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Engineers and technical support

Einar Bjørnebekk

Chief engineer

Einar is a highly experienced aircraft engineer and CAA licensed on the D.H. Vampire. He has worked on many types of aircrafts and helicopters both military and civilian during his long career.


Einar joined the Air Force in 1976, and was trained as an aircraft engineer at the RNoAF technical school. From his time in the Air Force Einar has experience from from a broad range of aircraft types including F-104, F-5, and was employed 21 years by Scandinavian Airlines. Einar was employed 8 years by CAA-N and now running NLF CAMO.


Einar joined the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron in 2011 and he was licensed on the D.H. Vampire in 2016. Einar’s interest for flying started early in childhood and aged 15 he flew solo in a glider. He was active in gliding aerobatics and has logged 400 hours on gliders, besides flying his two-seat RV-4 home built aircraft.




Engineer/Quality Auditor

Lars (nicknamed Lasse) is a highly experienced aircraft engineer. He joined the Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF) in 1963 at age 18, and was educated to be a jet turbine engineer, and worked on F-86F, F-5A/B fighters. He left the RNOAF and got a job in the domestic airline Braathens S.A.F.E working on Fokker F-27, F-28 and Boeing 737. He then rejoined the RNoAF in the late 70s working with heavy maintenance on F-5 and later on F-16 fighters, until transferred to the Maintenance Command (AMC) development department to design and lead installation of CBRN system in the F-16, and later on modification of oxygen system in Lockheed C-130 and P-3 aircraft by introduction of EROS type masks.


He retired as an officer in 2004 (age 59) and established a one man consulting company with contracts for AMC (follow-up works), Royal Norwegian Defense Establishment (FFI) as a member in working group CW for F-35 aircraft. Lasse joined the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron in 2008, and greatly contributes with his vast experience maintaining the Vampires airframe, engines and systems, and is absolutely essential to our operation. He is also managing our Maintenance Manual and in our CAA approved maintenance organization he holds the position as quality auditor. Tel: +47 96236296



Engineer avionics/electrics

Brydar is a highly experienced aircraft avionics/electro engineer. Brydar joined the Air Force technical school in 1960, where he first trained as a turbine engineer, and then went on to specialize in instruments, avionics and electronics. During his time in the Air Force he first worked on RF-84 and F-86F Sabre’s.


In 1965 he was selected among the first RNoAF technicians to be sent to Williams AFB to be trained as an avionics specialist on the latest fighter type selected to join RNoAF inventory, the F-5 Freedom Fighter. In 1979 when the RNoAF again re-equipped with new fighters, this time with the F-16 Fighting Falcons, he was again among the very first engineers to be trained in avionics on the type at Hill AFB. Brydar also worked on Dassault Jet Falcon DA-20, Sea King Helicopters and UH-1B. Brydar became manager of the instrument/avionics/electro shop/department at Rygge A.B. and was also in charge of examinations for new technicians.


Brydar joined the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron in 2010 and his contribution in solving electrical- and avionics-related problems on our historic aircraft is essential to keep them flying. It's always nice when Brydar visit the hangar and solve problems way outside the field of expertise to the rest of us.

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